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5 Alarming Things you Must Know Before Hiring A Realtor (#3 Will Save you Over $50 000)

The housing market in Ontario has been growing faster than ever allowing YOU to get the best value for your house. Today’s market is riddled with Real Estate Agents, high commissions, hidden fees, appraisals and mortgage approvals. This means that you end up paying tens of thousands of dollars without even guaranteeing that your house will be sold. We save you the headache and hassle by buying your house “as-is” and paying cash so you get the money right away without paying tens of thousands of dollars in commissions and hidden fees. It’s as simple as giving us a call and finding out what you’re house is worth and how you can make the most of it by saving thousands in commissions/fees.  

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1. All Cash Offer

Here at Great City Homes, we always offer an All Cash Offer to our clients. This means that you can get the money via wire transfer or bank draft in as little as 7 days. There's no need to wait for mortgage approvals, inspections, appraisals, etc… which can delay or even cause the sale to fall through. We ensure a quick and effortless sale upon accepting an offer, that’s the Great City Homes Guarantee.

2. Confidential Private Sale

The biggest hassle when selling your home is the need to keep it clean and vacant for potential buyers to inspect. This could take weeks of effort and persistence without a guarantee that your home will be sold. We eliminate this hassle by ensuring a confidential private sale. This means that you’re house will be sold privately and there’s no need to clean and prepare the house for showings and open houses. Furthermore, the sale price of the house will also remain confidential. This saves weeks of problems and headaches for the seller, putting you and your comfort first.

3. No commissions

As house prices continue to rise, so do commissions, as a $1 Million House now demands up to 5%, or $50,000 in commissions on average. With Great City Homes, that $50,000 goes directly into your pocket as your house will be sold privately, meaning there will be no need to pay commissions to real estate agents. You can use these savings to renovate or upgrade your next home. We ensure the best value for your home, so you can pocket as much as you can. 

4. NO Repairs or House Staging We buy As-Is

In today’s market, buyers often flock to extensively renovated homes, leaving behind old homes whose owners can’t afford costly upgrades. At the end of the day, the final sale price doesn’t always justify the cost of the repairs, often leaving homeowners worse-off. Here at Great City Homes, we value each house on its own merit and buy our properties “as-is”. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovations and months of labour by selling to Great City Homes.  

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5. Faster Closing and Flexible Move-Out

Often you find the perfect buyer who’s willing to give a great offer. You go through all the details and everything seems perfect, but then you check the closing date and see that it’ll be more that than 3 months until you can get the money, leaving you unable to move on to your next house. We ensure a flexible closing to your comfort, from as little as 7 days to 6 months, letting you move out at your own pace. This also saves you from all the costs and hassles of holding the property and waiting for it to close.

Sell Your Home Fast,
Dodge The Headache.

We've optimized the selling process to avoid all the headaches that come with selling the old school way

Step 1

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Request your offer online, No prep work or showings

Tell us about your no longer wanted house or property that you want to sell here on our site or by calling us.

Step 2

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We Will Contact You

We will contact you right away to set up a quick appointment

Step 3

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We will offer you A fair cash offer

We will propose a fair cash offer on your house or property

Step 4

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We will close on your preferred timeline

We will close together with you at a local reputable title company, plus we will cover all inspection fees and closing fees!

We Bought Over $50 000 000+ Worth Of Property Only In Ontario 

From Hundreds of happy sellers who moved on to their next chapter

We know how to help you, the seller, better than anybody else

Get Your Fair Cash Offer NOW
Get your offer!
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